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Pour venir à La Capeline - Rentrer dans le GPS PIERREFEU 06910 le restaurant se trouve 2 km avant PIERREFEU 06
adresse postale : D17 hameau le VESCOUS 06830 TOUDON
04 93 08 58 06
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Traditional Restaurant | D17 hameau le VESCOUS 06830 TOUDON

The Passat Maioun year, "the old house" in French, is a place where life is good.

The walls reflect the softness and warmth of the Mediterranean climate, and reveal the slates to suggestions and, of course, decorating the local colors. antiques, old photos, scarves, jerseys autographed ... ..Tout reminds Our Values ​​And Traditions and Nissa La Bella and Comté.

In the plates, the local cuisine is also in the spotlight: pissaladière, niçoise salad, ravioli, platoons, gnocchi, pasta, stew, stuffed Nice, squid stuffed with niçoise, octopus salad, poutine omelet, meringues, loops, strawberry ......... also ..trouvent their place on the slate renewed based on fresh seasonal products, all homemade recipes and following an ancestral transmission.

Traditional cuisine Niçoise flavors of yesteryear.

The home is for us inseparable from our kitchen, so your passage remains unforgettable, we welcome you with a smile, the service wants closer to your expectations, considerate and friendly.

We press behind our furnaces for your enjoyment.

Friendliness, generosity and simplicity are the hallmarks of this family business.

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